Mac & Cheese with shrimps – Käsemakkaroni mit Garnelen

Deutsch Mac & Cheese are an institution in the USA and, unlike Älplermaggrone and Käsespätzle, are considered a side dish. In the long run that would be too lavish for me, that’s pure hip gold. It doesn’t help much if I replace part of the milk with vegetable broth. Nonetheless, it is very tasty, which is certainly still on our […]


Thai curry with chicken – Thai Curry mit Huhn

Deutsch In the late 1980 years an Asian shop opened in Hoechst, a district in Frankfurt/Germany. We had many Asian shops in our close range, but this new one had the dimensions of a supermarket and we could buy nutritions from every part in eastern Asia. Every part? Shure, they had some nutritions from Indonesia, my favorite Asian kitchen, but […]


Viennese Juicy Goulash – Wiener Saftgulasch

Deutsch The term goulash (Gulyás) is originally from Hungary, and was the name given to the cattle herders of the Puszta. They cooked over an open fire in a kettle a soup-like dish, originally probably only with onions, garlic and meat. After the discovery of America the peppers came probably over the Ottoman Empire to Hungary and so became an […]

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